Quality Assurance

At ChemDefense, we use these third party labs to certify sterility as well as the absence of pathogens like yeast, mold, and bacteria. In compliance with Proposition 65, we test each batch of finished product to validate the absence of heavy metals.

All of the ingredients in ChemDefense products are third party tested. for a comprehensive list of heavy metals including mercury, lead, and aluminum before it is used as an ingredient. We strive for the highest in quality 100% of the time. We give the product to our own family so we would ask for nothing less.


In What Ways Is EnvioShield The Best Supplement Money Can Buy?

Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our process guarantees the potency, purity and quality in  7 different ways:

  1. The ingredients we use have been shown to be effective in clinical trials.
  2. We only accept raw materials from proven growers and suppliers that we’ve known and trusted for years.
  3. All ingredients are lab-tested before mixing, using NIR (near-Infrared) to ensure their potency, purity and quality.
  4. All of our ingredients are screened for contaminants including pesticides and metals.
  5. Our manufacturing process conforms with or exceeds standards set by the U.S. Government. Our facility undergoes 2 audits per year by a 3rd party that certifies that they meet GMP’s.
  6. Each ingredient goes through dissolution and disintegration tests, ensuring that it will be absorbed into your stomach and intestines.
  7. Every step of the manufacturing process is double checked and signed off by a quality control scientist.

clipboardOur Ingredients Are Backed By Numerous Clinical Studies. Here Are Just A Few:

clinical studies



  • *Potassium is essential to the human body. You need this mineral for everything from processing ingested food sources, to controlling the electrical activity of the heart. This means that without adequate potassium, you may suffer from malnutrition, high blood pressure, and heart problems including palpitations and arrhythmia.
  • **Barium in high amounts, for which airborne particles have tested positive, is known to bind to potassium, rendering it useless. This leads to a dangerous loss of this essential mineral.
  • EnvioShield contains the perfect amount and form of potassium, which will be readily absorbed by your body to replenish any loss due to elevated barium levels in our environment.

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Selenium (Organically bound)

  • *Selenium has been shown to be effective in shielding the body from dangerous lead contamination and poisoning in two distinct ways: By having a protective effective when taken prior to lead exposure, as well as forming highly bonded selenium-lead complexes, allowing for lead to be eliminated from the body rather than contaminating it.
  • Lead is a highly toxic, poisonous to humans substance which has also been found in our environment. It’s currently present in every part of our environment, from soil, air, water, and food sources… to chemically-based substances such as paints, solvents, even the building materials surrounding us.
  • **Blood lead levels are consistently negatively correlated with our adaptive behavior, motor performance, brain function, and even social behavior such as social withdrawal, depression, and atypical body movements, aggressions and destruction.
  • ***Additionally, selenium may help decrease cancer incidence by 37%, even decreasing cancer deaths by 50% in patients suffering from lung, colon, and prostate cancer.
  • EnvioShield contains the optimal dose of selenium for each of these effects to take place.

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Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

  • *It is a world class antioxidant, having been proven to protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, common cold, arthritis, poor eyesight, asthma, even cancer! It’s well known to boost the immune system, which is always a good thing in our highly toxic environment.
  • **Sufficient Vitamin C intake has been proven to protect cells from arsenic toxicity. Arsenic being present in our food supply and our environment, this protection is integral to your well being!
  • ***Arsenic affects just about all organ systems. Being exposed to higher levels of it has been shown to cause many cancers, including skin, lung, kidney, bladder, and other cancers. Could an increase in this harmful substance by way of our modern environment be the explanation for the higher incidences of cancer in our society?

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Vitamin E (as d-alphatocopherol)

  • *It’s an antioxidant similar to Vitamin C, but it works in difference pathways to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • **The right dosage of Vitamin E, as included in our supplement, has been shown to protect the brain from long-term oxidation as caused by Mercury. Mercury has been shown to be contained in everything from our air,soil and water.
  • ***All forms of mercury are highly toxic to the human body. It can cause acute pneumonia, damage the central nervous system through the pathway of blood absorption, as well as cause serious kidney damage as the body tries to rid itself of this chemical. From our research as quoted above, we find that Vitamin E may help support the body through this cleansing process.
  • Additionally, Vitamin E is a powerful anti-inflammatory in the body.

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Malic Acid

  • One of several alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in apples, grapes, cranberries, and other fruits and vegetables, a naturally-occurring antioxidant and essential component for the synthesis of ATP.
  • *Magnesium Malate (aka Malic Acid) has been proven to be a very effective in metal detoxification, particularly when it comes to aluminum, which has been found in our soil and as a result is now in huge amounts in our soil, water, and air.
  • Aluminum has been proven in numerous studies to have very negative health effects on the body, including igniting such as Fibromyalgia, even neurotoxic effects as **Alzheimer’s Disease, ***detrimental effects on the lungs, fertility, and is even known as a ****carcinogen in certain medical circles.
  • Our EnvioShield formula boasts the most absorbent and effective form of malate available; you can be sure of its effectiveness!

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Caprylic Acid

  • Well-known for it’s power to kill yeast, fungi and other germs. Fungus that is sprayed on us also eats the nutrients our body needs to regenerate our immune system.
  • Capric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid found in saturated fats and is responsible for the health benefits attributed to coconut oil.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides such as capric acid are broken down quickly and processed in the liver, and can be used to give you more energy and even assist in fat and weight loss.
  • *capric acid may lead to greater energy expenditure and assist fat and weight loss
  • **Capric acid has strong antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Capric acid is converted into monocaprin in the body, where it can help combat viruses, bacteria and the yeast Candida albicans.
  • ***Caprylic acid is superior to & less expensive, & has potential application for anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-Alzheimer’s disease, anti-Autism, anti-infection, & general circulatory improvement.

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Oregano Extract

  • Well-known for its powerful anti-microbial activities.
  • *Oregano extract decreases bacterial contamination and infections.
  • **Oregano extract and, in particular, their metabolites may contribute to the body’s ability to absorb and process antioxidants.
  • ***Oregano extract protects against cell oxidative damage by inducing extreme amounts of free radical scavenging.
  • ****Oregano spice used widely in the Mediterranean diet, is associated with a low risk for colon cancer. The medicinal benefits of oregano, such as being an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities, are well known.

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Pau D’ Arco

  • Pau darco is promoted as a cure for dozens of illnesses and medical conditions, including arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, and cancer and contains 20 active compounds.
  • Used for generations to treat infections, reduce inflammation, promote digestion, strengthen the immune system, flush toxins from the body, and protect against cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.
  • *Pau d’arco has anti-inflammatory activity which may prove therapeutic for arthritis and atheroscelorsis.
  • **Also has antitumor activity due to enhanced macrophage activation.
  • ***contains compounds which inhibit pathogenic bacteria while having no adverse effect on beneficial probiotic strains.

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Ginger Root Extract

  • *Ginger root extract inhibits cancer growth and is completely tolerable and safe.
  • **Ginger root has been demonstrated to exert anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • ***Been proven effective as Ginger exerts a variety of powerful therapeutic and preventive effects and has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of hundreds of ailments from colds to cancer.
  • ****Dietary supplementation of ginger root has been show to have antiparastic effects and help against allergies and asthma.

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Ginkgo Biloba

  • The effect of ginkgo biloba is well known in treating immune disorders
  • Ginkgo not only has a reputation for longevity, with some plants living to over 1,000 years, but it appears willing to confer longevity to those who use consume it extracts of it.
  • *One of the most encouraging studies on gingko biloba, showed that it was more effective than the blockbuster alzheimers drug donepezil for treating symptoms of mild-to-moderate Alzheimers disease.
  • What is even more remarkable is that this plant has been shown capable of articulating over 30 different beneficial physiological actions that may be of therapeutic value in over 100 health conditions.
  • **There is also indication that it may slow the aging process within the mitochondria of cells by reducing oxidative stress and enhancing mitochondrial respiration.

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Coenzyme Q10

  • Coenzyme Q1,0 also known as ubiquinone, is an essential component of the mitochondria  the energy producing unit of the cells of our body. Its role in the energy production within our cells is similar to the role of a spark plug in a car engine. Just as the engine cannot function without that initial spark, our cells simply cannot function without CoQ10.
  • People with very low levels of CoQ10 include those with cardiovascular disease, Parkinsons disease, muscular dystrophy, breast and other cancers, diabetes, male infertility, AIDS, asthma, thyroid disorders, depression, lack of energy, and periodontal disease.
  • *CoQ10 is a safe and effective adjunctive treatment for a broad range of cardiovascular diseases, producing gratifying clinical responses while easing the medical and financial burden of multidrug therapy.
  • **The addition of coenzyme Q10 to conventional therapy significantly reduces hospitalization for worsening of heart failure and the incidence of serious complications in patients with chronic congestive heart failure.
  • ***Deficiency of coenzyme Q has been know to cause gene mutation, rapid aging and cancer.
  • ****Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a strong antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects and known to help patients overcome depression and combat fatigue.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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