About Us

We live in world awash with toxins. We can take precautions to avoid them, some people choose to go off grid and live off the land. But chemical toxins have been spread and carried to the ends of the earth. Organochlorides have been detected in the north pole (and theres no weeds up there to be spraying pesticides on!). This is what drives us here at Chemdefense International. We want to help people live healthier, longer lives through the prevention of exposure to everyday toxic chemicals.

The government are constantly playing catch-up or not telling us the truth. Industry marches ahead creating new products and flooding the market with toxin teasers making them taste better, smell better and spinning us stories about how we are terrible people if we don’t buy our kids this new lunch box snack, or how much better our life would be if we bought this new cleaning product, and wouldn’t we be more attractive if only we used this hair product… it goes on.

Industry blames the consumer, saying buyer beware, that its our choice to buy their product. But how can the buyer beware when industry cloaks their goods and processes in veils of secrecy – Commercial in Confidence they say.

  • Have you checked out the ingredient list on your cleaners or air fresheners? What does fragrance mean? Fragrance is a word for a bunch of chemicals; but which ones?
  • What do they spray on the vegetables inside the hygienically sealed bags?
  • What do they spray on imported raw foods?
  • What chemicals are IN the stain resistant treatment on your new carpet?
  • What chemicals are in the ASTHMA friendly treatment of your new mattress?
  • Great, this product is BPA or PFOA free but what did they REPLACE it with, and is that really any safer?

Government tries to regulate but they are so far behind that regulations are limp at best. Industry responds by finding loop holes, the work-arounds to save money, push out inferior products, convince us that disposable is more cost effective than repair.

But industry aren’t the ones who carry the cost of the waste they are legally allowed to spew into the air and water. My air and water, your air and water. Air and water used by the entire community.

Why is it ok for a private company to pollute air and water so that they can make a profit? Legally discharging toxins which don’t break down and leach back into groundwater or wash into the oceans. These companies don’t pay my health bills. Bills for the treatment of the effect on my health from the toxins that they hide in products which I put in my hair, on my skin, bring into my house on new furnishing, things I eat and drink.

The free market is meant to give us, consumers and society, the products and services we want. Do you think the inhabitants in the cities of Los Angeles, London, Delhi or Beijing want to walk around sucking in toxic air pollution?

Nobody asked me what price I would pay for the convenience of turning on the light or charging my phone; “Oh here you go madam your monthly electricity bill and a months supply of face masks”. They didn’t ask what price I was willing to pay to put gas in my car (Shell oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico anyone?)

Both industry and Government keep making decisions and putting profit above all else, keeping secrets about what they are poisoning us and the planet with.

At Chemdefense we want a reset. We want to live in a world where extraordinary profit is not how success of a company is measured. A world where industry and business use positive social impact and societal good as one of the foundations on which decisions are made. The only effective way we have seen this done in the past is to lobby and boycott these businesses. Start shining a light on their products and decisions.

I’m not suggesting we clear the shelves at the market, or live like we did 100 years ago, go smelly and live on dirt floors. But we can pressure them to become transparent by publishing what really is in, on, or used to treat their products instead of hiding behind some corporate secrecy. We can pressure them to change the formulations, replace the carcinogens, treat their waste products until they are benign.

What we do here at Chemdefense is focus on protecting your most precious asset, your health. We are interested in shining a light on the lies, thinly veiled marketing mis-directions we are being peddled and uncovering the truth. In the mean time we search high and low for the current best, effective solutions for the treatment and prevention of chemical exposure. As we say, Self Care is the new Health Care.

Helping you to look after your most important asset,

your health.


All the best in Health and Vitality.