What Enables The Ingredients In EnvioShield To Work So Amazing Well For Over 10,000 People So Far?


fountain of youth


number of bottles soldSome are even calling EnvioShield a “Fountain of Youth” in a bottle!

Toxins in our polluted environment can have adverse health effects that are cumulative. Symptoms of most poisons do not generally appear until they reach a critical level, so we think it’s wise to shield yourself and loved ones before symptoms appear. It’s just a matter of time before environmental toxins will impact your health.

Our Four-Step Approach to Wellness

Step#1: Detoxification

benefits-2Independent evaluation and analysis of environmental fallout has scientifically confirmed it to include many toxic substances, a good percentage of which are toxic metals. These range from aluminum oxide particles and arsenic, to chromium and nickel, all the way down to lead and even mercury.

Needless to say, such metals are extremely toxic to the human body in even the smallest amounts. Once sprayed into the atmosphere, these metal spores enter our bodies through the air we breath, the water we drink, and even our food sources which, no matter how organic, are still grown in the soil infested with these poisons.

Our bodies are incapable of ridding themselves of the high volumes of these metals with which they’re presented. Mercury, arsenic, and lead are especially dangerous and hard to eliminate. This where EnvioShield comes in! We’ve packed our potent supplement with what can be considered antidotes to metal poisoning!

The high grade alginate, vitamins E and C, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and just the right amount of selenium are all present in perfect ratios to produce a counteractive effect, helping your body eliminate these poisonous metals before they wreak havoc on your health.

Step#2: Nature’s Antibiotics

benefits1Independent scientific tests have also confirmed the presence of various mycoplasma, along with several forms of fungal spores in airborne particles.

Everything from bacilli, to the enterobacteriaceae family of bacteria, to enterobacter cloacae, to mold spores were found in the air and water which were tested in newly sprayed areas. These bacteria and spores can be highly pathogenic if left uncontrolled, especially considering the high volume introduced to our environment, and therefore our bodies, on a daily basis.

Factoring this into our equation, we felt the need to include several forms of natural antibiotics that would be strong and effective against these pathogens, yet perfectly harmless to our bodies. This is where the addition of Oregano root extract, Pau d’Arco, Iodine and Ginger root entered the picture.

This list of ingredients was selected out of dozens of possible contenders, which were narrowed down to the most potent yet natural choices possible. EnvioShield contains these highly tested ingredients in flawlessly formulated ratios for optimum efficacy against proven environmental pathogens.

Are you now starting to see just how powerful this supplement is and appreciate the lengths to which we’ve gone to ensure it lives up to its claims? We’re only halfway done!

Step#3: Immune System Boosters

benefits4It doesn’t take a PhD in biochemistry to understand that when the human body is under heavy environmental stress, it’s bound to suffer in just about every one of its systems the cardiovascular and circulatory system being one of the first to feel the effects of increased outside stressors. This is the reason so many of us get high blood pressure and begin developing heart problems when our health is otherwise compromised.

We realize that in order for your body to fight off any undue pathogens, toxins, and poisons, it must first and foremost be supported from the inside-out. And the primary source of this support comes in the form of the blood circulating through you!

Our third fundamental group of ingredients is based on this principle, and is anchored by the highest quality Gingko Biloba found anywhere, along with Dandelion and Milk Thistle for good measure.

Gingko biloba has been shown in hundreds of studies to increase blood flow velocity and lower blood pressure, helping to maintain your overall health; which brings us to our next and final tier…

Milk Thistle and Dandelion are incorporated for their unprecendented support of the liver and kidneys. All blood carrying toxins passes through the liver and undergoes processing to eliminate the toxin through the bowel or through the kidneys into the urine. So efficient and healthy liver and kidneys assists in naturally removing toxins.

Step#4: Powerful Antioxidants

benefits3If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our decades of combined health expertise, it’s that nothing helps a body fight off illness as well as antioxidants. There’s a reason we rush to take vitamin C at the first sign of a cold it’s effective and has been for ages!

CoEnzyme Q10 is well known for not only its amazing cardiovascular benefits, but also its unparalleled antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants go to work supporting our own immune system; we like to see them as little warriors defending their territory against any toxins before they become a problem. Not only that, but many studies have actually shown highly concentrated antioxidant intake to keep the body looking and functioning years younger than it is!

We thought you’d like a potent dose of these wonders in your supplement we sure did, so we added the most effective ones we could find to EnvioShield!

The included highly potent antioxidant blend contains the antioxidants E, C, and possibly the single, most effective of all antioxidants available, CoEnzyme Q10. We didn’t skimp on quality nor the dose; you will feel the benefits of these amazing ingredients, guaranteed!


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